Research & Innovation

Provimi Animal Nutrition India Pvt Ltd., has a fully functional Innovation Centre with core emphasis on creating value addition to cope with the unseen changes in the animal nutrition industry.  It is determined to provide solutions and benefits through defined standards that will help the animal nutrition industry.  The goal is to help animals have good health and productivity and in turn help customer maximize returns. 


Our Objectives ….

  • To develop and deliver novel and innovative products for the benefit of animal agricultural industry
  • Development of Phyto formulation and its application for the improvement of animal health and nutrition
  • To develop Analytical methods to support our products and services.
  • In-vitro and In-vivo testing of finished products to evaluate the efficacy of the finished formulations developed and marketed by the company
  • Ensuring adherence and compliance with all the applicable guidelines, regulations and law
  • To develop a culture of safety and adhere to Cargill's  safety and guiding principles

The focus is on developing novel products, adding novelty to production process. Creating distinctive value o the product through enhanced appeal ensuring customer satisfaction.