Nutrition Solutions

Provimi India is committed to bring innovative nutrition solutions to our customers in India. When we innovate, life gets better for everyone from backyard farmers to animal producers to integrated feed mill operators.



Provimi Solutions

Provimi solutions is the service and advisory arm of Provimi India. It offers a range of feed nutrition services and solutions designed to help our customers realise higher profitability and growth.


  1. Diet design and formulation
  2. Feed ingredient quality evaluation and monitoring (Wet Chemistry, NIR, Toxin analysis ,TBC)
  3. Nutrition related consultancy
  4. Technical and lab training







Animal Nutrition Innovation

Cargill Nutrition System (CNS), a proprietary global, world-class nutrition capability that will be a driver of distinctive value for our customers and our business through improved animal performance, lower diet costs, and more accurate nutrition formulations.

Our teams are developing a next generation of digital solutions to help you get the complete picture of your operation, constantly adjust to changing real-world factors and help you improve your profitability.