Animal Health

Provimi has many flagship brands in the category of farm additives, feed supplements and therapeutics for Poultry, small and large animals.  Animal Health business offers product range to improve feeding, breeding and disease management of breeders, broilers and layers, dairy animals and also caters to pet therapeutic range of products for companion animals.

We look forward to expanding our offerings to our customers and will remain focused on providing valuable solutions to meet customer’s business needs.


Explore Our Animal Health Products

Poultry Health Products

‘Health is the state of being free from illness or injury’

In the pursuit of maintaining a healthy flock, timely, convenient and effective mode of medication is of prime importance. Water mode of medication is the right mode encompassing all the features. Poultry health products are tried and tested solutions through water mode of medication.

We provide expert solutions in Respiratory health, Biosecurity, Immune boosters, Growth promoters, Stress management and Therapeutics.



Dairy Health Products

Our expertise in quality Therapeutics, Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Supplements Solutions for dairy animals comprises of following categories  like  Antibiotics , Hormones, NSAIDs, Oral Supplements,  Anthelmintics, Ectoprasiticidal, Topical Applicant, Oral Calcium, Vitamin Mineral Bolus, Calcium Injection, Anti-Diarrhoeal Bolus and Nutritional-Feed Supplements.

Petcare Products

The business unit committed to "Your Pet. Our Care." manufactures and caters to pet therapeutic range of products for companion animals.  Notix Range of products  are our leading brands in the market.