Premix and Nutrition

We are one of the leading premix producers in the world.  Our products are in 12-15% of all globally produced compound feed. We formulate for every customer, from by-the-scoop to the largest feed mills on the planet. We are global nutrition supplier for manufacturers that help produce healthy food.  Our premixes and feed additives serve a wide variety of species.

Explore our Premix and Nutrition Products

Poultry Nutrition Products


We offer comprehensive & sustainable solutions, tailored to meet customer needs to support healthy poultry performance and to increase customer’s profitability. With premixes, additives and specialty products, Poultry Premix & Nutrition offers customized options to our customers.

The Poultry Premix & Nutrition portfolio includes Gut health management, Mycotoxin management, Mineral Management, Enzymes, Antioxidants, Premix for every stage of poultry production from day old chicks to broilers, layers, breeder.

Dairy Animal Nutrition Products

With a strong commitment to serve dairy industry, we provide a gamut of science-based solutions like mineral-vitamin premixes, additives and specialties with a focus on boosting milk performance, reproduction and overall health of animals thereby, optimizing feed efficiency and maximizing economic returns to the dairy producers.

Aqua Products

Our aqua feed additive product line focuses on delivering solutions for the aquaculture industry aimed at improving performance, sustainability and profitability.